Modern Workspace Solutions



Office Workstations have evolved over time. From the tanker desks of yesteryear to the modular office furniture systems of today, the office furniture industry is constantly adapting to new demands in the modern workforce.

Today's evolutionary manifestation is tech-savvy office workstations that support and nurture an open office environment by removing the traditional cubicle privacy walls.

These office furniture workstations are often referred to - among office furniture professionals - as a "benching system" or "bench desks" and are characterized by minimal separation among individual work spaces, and smart designs that include power/data integration.



Executive office desks need to make a statement about your company. How do you express corporate ideals and values in a contemporary office desk? Furnishing your office space with us confidently state your ability to raise the bar and exceed expectations. The person sitting behind this desk is clearly a cut above the rest.

This item displayed represents a "showcase" example of just one of many different customizable layouts we can create for you in our service oriented Contract Furnishings Program, which includes space planning and design services, a dedicated project manager to lead your project all the way to final installation, and leasing options.



Years of experience in the Office Furniture Chairs industry has taught us: Never underestimate the value of a comfortable office chair!

Our inventory includes ergonomic computer chairs, conventional executive desk chairs, conference room chairs, office guest chairs, and specialty chairs for everything from the training room to the cafeteria.

These listings feature our most popular office chairs for sale, but there are hundreds more where these came from - looking for something specific? Just let us know!



A good filing system for office is an essential space-saving, time-saving and money-saving solution for practically every office environment today.

It would be safe to say that virtually every office, in every industry and field of work, everywhere in the world, has at some point had to face the challenge of organizing and optimizing their paper file storage.

Even more so today, when the latest tendency is for office spaces to decrease in size, as the prices and costs of everything go up, and more and more companies and organizations lean toward designing open office spaces - which inevitably leaves even less space for their file storage needs. High density storage systems are just the solution that can maximize high-volume storage capacity even in today's shrinking floor space in the office, available for filing.